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'Get Me Hired' is a twelve week one to one career coaching programme that focuses on building your personal brand based on your individual and unique talents.

We will help you get clear on your purpose, mission, and goals by working with you to develop your Personal Enterprise Plan (PEP) This will allow you to access employment and enterprise opportunities aligned with your personal goals.

As you work through the programme you will improve your confidence and notice a significant shift towards positive outcomes. This will enable you to move away from remaining stuck and transform your career journey so that positive purpose is served in your life.

We realize that defining and building a career path that is right for you can be a very daunting experience especially if you have been away from the job market for a period of time. The same applies if you are employed and feeling unhappy in your current situation.

The thing is, you may have been ignoring the feeling but Instinctively you know when enough is enough it is time to make that change.

So if you are ready to say '"yes" to discovering who you are, what your purpose is and be accountable for your life, career and happiness by becoming the Captain of your ship then we would love to hear from you.

If you are interested in finding out how 'Get Me Hired' can enhance your career journey you can book a free no obligation discovery call here.

If the answer is 'Not Yet' know that there is power in 'Not Yet' so we would still love to hear from you. You are welcome to join our face book community page. Here

There you can access live streams videos, articles, tools, and tips to support you in your career journey.

I am also extending an invite for you to join the RISE! #Careercode101 online job club liking and sharing the page.

There is a free live stream every Friday, so visit and like the page to get set up for notifications. We talk about career development, give tips on job search, CV writing, Interview techniques motivation, confidence building and everything employability. If you have any career related questions or if you would like to ask questions about an issue that is blocking your career journey. Contact us on twitter using hash tag


We will do our best to answer your query or get you the information you need.

Social media contact information:


Twitter: Risemp

Email: [email protected]

EMAIL: [email protected]